All sign ups get a discount on their first 12 months. Pareto is launching late 2023.

The marketing revolution at your fingertips

Personalised AI

Your own trainable AI tailored to your brand and audience, evolving as you do. Offering insights and recommendations into your flow of work.

Design and create

Design graphics and write content in app with AI, and manage your brand with a comprehensive brand library without the complexities of multiple platforms.

All in one app

Connect with all social platforms and search engines in one place. Easily manage your online presence, gain clear insights on next steps, and take action directly within the app.

Our Solution

Pareto continually evolves from your data, learning from every impression and every conversion, enhancing data-driven decisions for driving optimal ROI and keeping you ahead in the world of digital.

The next leap in the evolution of marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Pareto stand out from platforms like Meta Business and other social media management tools?
Many platforms come with a steep learning curve, feeling like they require a PhD in data analytics. Pareto, on the other hand, is born from extensive marketing experience and distilled into a user-friendly interface. We've made it so intuitive that even someone without any prior knowledge, like your grandparents, could navigate with ease. Don't believe us? Try it out!
How does Pareto enhance my marketing efforts?
At its core, Pareto offers three pillars of functionality: Actionable Insights, Comprehensive Social Media Management, and Efficient Media Buying. With its AI, Pareto assists in content creation, delves deep into your social media metrics to offer strategic advice, and provides tools like ad optimization, detailed engagement analytics, a bespoke media library, and an integrated design suite. Additionally, our AI-driven marketer evolves with your brand, making suggestions derived from your audience's behavior, competitors' activities, and your performance metrics.
Can you elaborate on the "AI Marketer" concept?
Pareto's foundation is AI-driven, not just integrated. Every user gets a personalized "Pareto AI" that's fine-tuned to their unique needs. Whether you're a local plumber deciphering the optimal post timing or a brand executive analyzing campaign efficacy, Pareto delivers actionable insights seamlessly. It suggests actionable steps which you can implement with just a click.
Is there an option for a trial period?
We don't plan on providing a free trial, but you could request early access.
Which platforms does Pareto support?
Pareto seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and Twitter, with more platforms being added regularly.
What's the pricing structure for Pareto?
Pareto offers varied pricing tiers, each providing a range of features and tools. For detailed pricing information, consider joining our waitlist.
Can I trust Pareto with my data?
Your data's integrity and privacy are paramount. Pareto ensures each user's AI and data remain distinct and confidential. We store all data in adherence to stringent GDPR standards.
How does Pareto leverage Artificial Intelligence in its functions?
Pareto is deeply entrenched in AI to provide predictive analytics, personalized content recommendations, strategic insights, and automation. It continually learns and evolves based on your activity, ensuring tailored advice and optimizations.
Who should use Pareto?
Whether you're dipping your toes into social media for the first time or are a seasoned marketing professional, Pareto is crafted to serve all expertise levels.